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Owner, empath and creative operator of “Desired Intentions Candles & Things”

Desiree Daigle, Rituals, Fairy Faerie Faery Lanterns, Domes, Globes, Books, Miniature Crafts, Popits, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Spells, Witchcraft, Candles, Intention Candle, Candle Magic, Witch, Magic, Spells, Ritual, Desired Intentions


Hi I am Desireè.  I am such an “Oh look at the Moon kind of person”.  I am a lover of all things green and in nature.  I am owner, empath and creative operator of “Desired Intentions Candles & Things”. Being from Southern Louisiana, rooted deep in spiritual, mystical, and lore mixed with a multitude of cultures.  Being on a mental & spiritual journey to a better perspective of myself and others around me.  Living on a small farm with a motley crew of creatures, while trying to becoming a gardener. Rediscovering love for playing in the dirt, all things god has created.  


In 2012 after losing my mother, so many things came to light.  Flooded with overwhelming emotions and thoughts of how to share process of grief from her sudden death.  My heart went to my creative side for answers which led to having handcrafted creative tools to help others in their process of spiritual healing. 

This led to curating seven day fixed candles with a diversity of intentions prepared during various phases of the Moon.  Other ideas came along as my mind wondered, with sketches of handmade poppets ideas, various rituals, mixes of unique smudge wands, faerie homes in lanterns and globes, skeleton faery domes, a collection of skulls made from different media, and so much more to share.

Thank you for your interest in me, my journey, my handcrafted and custom curated pieces, offerings, and whatever else my wild adventure brings forth!

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