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by Desiree

Please take a moment to read and understand the process for getting the best results from your Fixed Intentions Candles work.

Before doing any Spiritual work whether it be Fixed Candles or any other ritual, you need to begin by cleaning your space by burning Sage, Palo Santo, or any Resin of your liking. Cleansing yourself by either shower, bath, or sweat is advised completely.


Protect yourself and your magic! Don’t expose your work to other people. Not everyone has good intent. Other people negative energies can work against you wishes. Safety* is always a must!




Find a quiet area with little traffic as to not disturb your work. 

Burn your Fixed Candle on altar, work desk, etc. Where you choose to place your candle is up to you. These candles can or will burn up to 7 days. If for some reason, you are not OK with allowing your candle to burn without interruptions, always snuff out flame with wetting your fingers tips and a pinch. Never BLOW the flame out. This can blow the intentions of this Fixed Candle away. When relighting your Fixed Candle, pray & focus on original intent.

Feel why you are preforming this candle ritual & focus your desires on end result. Tell it what you need it to do for you. Focus on what you wish to manifest & speak it into existence as if you already have it. Speak if it as it already exists. Tell yourself daily, manifest as if you are currently living what you’re wishing for. When the candle is finished burning, dispose of it in a place away from your home.


Gratitude is never overlooked!

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